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Air Purifiers for Bedroom, AMEIFU Hepa Air Purifier with Aromatherapy, black

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  1. Efficient Particle Filtration: Equip with H13 True HEPA filter and high-efficiency system, AMEIFU air purifier filter 99.97% of particulates such as bad odors, air pollution, pet dander, leaves the air in your home fresh and healthy. It can effectively improve indoor air quality for a room as large as 376.74 sq ft / 35 m². A great home companion for anyone who is allergic, pet danger suffering, or just wants to breathe cleaner air.
  2. Quiet Operation & 3 Speed Fan: Quietly cleans the air with less noise than a whisper on low 18 dB, and the screen turns off automatically after one minute, relaxing to use as you sleep or work. Three fan speeds & auto-mode can be selected according to the actual need when used. (* The first or auto speed is recommended to use when sleeping.)
  3. PM5 Sensor & 6 Timer Function: The Puricare air purifier automatically detects the indoor air condition and is marked on the LED touch panel.Features 6 time function(2/4/6/8/10/12 hours) for your convenient use. The modern white finish helps your air purifier fit anywhere in your home/bedroom/room.
  4. Unique Aromatherapy Design: Struggling with musty smells? Add a few drops of your favorite fragrant essential oils (Not Included) to the aroma pad to keep your space smelling great. Great for Indoor room bedroom, this is a lovely gift.
  5. TRUSTED & CERTIFIED: Unlike the negative ion purifiers, this HEPA air purifier is 100% no ozone with CE, and FCC certification to ensure your safe use, which also meets the California Air Resources Board (CARB). We recommend replacing the filter every 3-6 months to ensure optimum performance. For any problem, just message us and we will make every effort to solve it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David R.
Amazing Product!!

AMEIFU Purifier exceeds my expectations! I've spent time searching and comparing air purifiers, reading other buyer's review and asking some friends who have air purifiers at home. I want a purifier that will last long,good quality but wont hurt my budget. It is my first time buying a purifier and will surely buy 1 more. I can surely tell and feel the difference of our room air quality before and now. It is nice and quiet too and I have slept much better since purchasing it. Overall, I am so happy of my purchased and oh Miko customer service is great!

Liya Wang
Help Improve My Sleep Quality

I purchased this for a medical reason. I have a severe allergy and asthma. Using it allowed me to focus more while I work during the day and have better sleep quality during the nighttime. What's even surprising is that it decreased the reoccurrence of my asthma. The only thing I don't like about it is the loud operation sound. Other than that, it is a great product with a reasonable price to me.

Vanessa Valladolid
Does A Very Good Job

I recently went to visit my mom and noticed they used AMEIFU air purifier every room. They live in central CALIFORNIA AND WITH THE RECENT WILDFIRES, THE AIR quality is very low, so she has them on all the time and says they really help. I am so happy that I bought them to my mom and one for myself. it really works when I walk into my apartment. the air is just it's fresh. I don't smell leftover food. they have been cooking not cigarette smoke or pet smell. I love it.

Jerry Kelly
"Small" but Powerful

This air purifier was larger than I expected but still small enough to fit almost anywhere, the design looks modern and easily blend in with my current house vibe. The fan part has different option depending the level you want it. and each seems to work well. I've noticed that my breathing is a little bit better since using this purifier the last few weeks. Win-win!

Love to use it

This color scheme is very high fashion, sleep at night often use this air purifier.