About Us | AMEIFU

Smarter Innovation for Everyday Convenience


The modern home demands modern solutions for everyday routines. Time is more valuable than ever in a world where we’re rushing off to work, trying to find time to run those errands, and making time for friends and family. You deserve smarter home appliances that bring a little more convenience to your everyday routine. So that’s just what we did.


AMEIFU combines modern innovation with minimalist design to create smart home appliances and gadgets that make everyday home life more convenient.


Inspired by the titan AMEIFU from classic Greek mythology, who represented intellect and the inquisitive mind, we’ve made its innovative spirit the driving force behind everything that we do. From our simple, clean design to the smart functions found in each of our devices and appliances, we create solutions that make everyday routines smarter and more convenient.


Whether it’s whipping up a quick smoothie in the morning with our sleek immersion blender, cooking up a quick, delicious, easy dinner in our unbelievable air fryer, keeping your home clean with our innovative air purifier, or enjoying the convenience of any of the other must-have appliances and gadgets we have to offer, it’s not hard to see why people all over the world trust AMEIFU to make daily living a little more enjoyable.


It’s not just about our innovation. It’s not just about the sleek, modern designs. It’s not just about making everyday life smarter. What matters most is that we can help bring much-needed convenience and time-savings to your life. That commitment continues to power every decision we make as we continue to innovate and create the home appliances that make home smarter, more convenient, and more enjoyable.