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Air Purifiers for Home Large Room up to 1350 sq ft, AMEIFU H13 Hepa Bedroom Air Purifier

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AMEIFU Hepa Air Purifiers, Make the air in your home fresh.

1. High Efficiency three-stage filtration system for room as large as 1200 sq ft / 112 m².

2. 3 Timer Function (2H, 4H, 8H).

3. Compact (15db quiet!) for bedroom, living room, or office.

4. Extra aroma design- Purifies the air while also diffusing oils for a calming atmosphere.

5. Certificated with CE , FCC, CARB certification to meet the California Air Resources Board.

!!! Tips !!!

* Remember to remove the new filter protective bag before installation.

* About Automatic Screen-off LED Panel: When the air purifier runs for a period of time, the LED display will automatically turn off. This is the automatic screen-off function adopted by the VEWIOR air purifier to save your power. When you find that the light of the LED panel does not light up during use, please do not worry that this is not a malfunction of the machine. If you want to check the data of the LED panel, you can restore the display by touching any button on the panel with your hand.

* The adapter is inside the Air Purifiers machine, please put the air purifier upside down, open the cover, and take out the adapter. Note: Use only original adapters for AMEIFU air purifiers! Do not use the same type of adapter for plugging in to avoid short circuit damage to the machine.

* It might take up 30s for the sensor to determine the current air quality value in the area.

* Replace the filter every 3-6 months.

air purifier

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